RoRo Artworks is again inviting California artists to join us. Please contact us if you are interested. We will need your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address, as well as any websites you have.

We have a great respect for all artists and look forward to hearing from you. We treasure this endeavor as a great opportunity to make a difference in the lives of other artists and we are committed to all our success.

Each artist receives their own webpage which they can use in the promotion of their work, linked to their own websites, and our efforts marketing their work in an ever increasing locality.

We put artist's website, and artist's gallery (if applicable) on the back of each greeting card showcasing their artwork,

Artists receive 10% of wholesale in royalties for each card sold by RoRo While there isn't a great deal of revenue generated by each card thus far, as the business grows there will be more and more residual income.

We have found that the wider exposure of each artist's work increases the attention of interested collectors for their original works and their own art prints, including direct referrals.

While granting RoRoPublishing legal permission to reproduce and sell the reproductions of your work, artists retain the copywrights to all works, and receive 100% of revenue from sales of their original works or any prints made by artist and sold to customers found through us.

We are also committed to protecting artist copyrights. To this end, we place a watermark logo onto the larger sizes of the artwork images where they appear on the website and also incorporate specific html code into our webpages, which makes it more difficult to copy the images of art works that appear on our website.

Finally, artists are entitled to purchase cards with their artwork from us at below wholesale prices, and with no minimums.

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