RORO ARTWORKS Fine Art Greeting Cards by California Artists



RoRo Artworks is a boutique card company that has been making greeting cards out of art by a group of California Artists since 2004. The cards, which are handmade in California by one of the artists, have been on racks in three stores since our inception. The 5x7 cards, which are are packaged in clear protective sleeves, sell for $6 retail and $3 wholesale. The consignment cost is $3.60 per.

The cards sell in far above average numbers in stores where the cards are on a dedicated rack (whch we provide) and are rotated seasonally. For instance, one of our stores sells an average of 200 of our cards per month during regular months, which increases to 300 cards on holiday months.

Another store sells approximately 150 per month during regular months, and our third store sells an average of 75 cards per average month, with both stores' sales increasing on holiday months.

Sales have consistently been in these numbers since 2004.

Our mini cards are also wonderful sellers. They are great for including with flowers or gifts, or to add a personal message in a business letter.

And we supply greetiing card racks to loan for the sale of our cards, both 5x7 and mini size.

We offer net thirty terms for regular, repeat wholesale customers. And there is no monetary outlay for consignment customers.
If you are interested, please drop us a line at We will get back to you, promptly.
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