Susan's work is being featured at the Ojai Vineyard Tasting Room at 109 S. Montgomery St, in Ojai, CA on May 26, from 5:00 to 8:00pm.

This is part of Alive After 5 ! Click here for more info.

Susan's work is also currently being shown in the art and photography collection of the Ventura County Medical Center. For more information, visit their website:

Susan Guy works en plein air; her paintings are done on location (no photos or studio are used) so that the only filter between the natural world and the art is her mind. New pieces will include many done locally as well as Hawaii and Santa Cruz Island in the Channel Islands National Park. Susan hopes that her vivid oils and watercolors convey her passion for the natural world and inspire others to respect and preserve it. The show also features kiln-fired glass paintings which reflect abstract explorations of self.

Much of her plein air work reflects explorations in Los Padres National Forest and Channel Islands National Park.  Susan has won many awards and has been an invited artist for the California Native Plant Society. Her work is displayed in the Ojai Valley Land Conservancy’s headquarters.

Susan's vibrant plein airs reflect a vision enhanced by her relationship to nature,

Susan resonates to these words of the Zen Master, Shunryu Suzuki: "We should find perfect existence through imperfect exisitence".

We have formated Susan's artwork to fit greeting card dimensions. To view these gorgeous artworks in their origninal dimensions, please follow this link to Susan's website:

Several of Susan's works are now also available as cards through the Nature Conservancy, with proceeds being donated to that illustrious nonprofit. For more information on the Nature Conservancy, click here:

Susan has won many awards for her plein airs. Please return to this page soon for a listing of her showings and awards.



SKG1: Bates Beach
SKG2: lake Casitas from Above
SKG3:Lake Casitas
SKG4: Chief Peak
Bates Beach
Lake Casitas from Above
SK3 Lake Casitas
Chief Peak

SKG5: Oso Road

SKG6: The Ranch

SKG7: Ojai Oak Forest
SKG8: Topa Spirit
Oso Road
The Ranch
Ojai Oak Forest
Topa Spirit

SKG9: Sespe Wilderness

SKG10: Sand Dunes & Pines

SKG11: Lake Casitas Sky
SKG12: Rancho Del Nidio, After the Rains
sespe Wilderness
Sand Dunes & Pines
Lake Casitas Sky
Rancho Del Nidio
SKG13: Sulphur Mountain
SKG14: Shelf Road
SKG15: Oak Canopy
SKG16: Upper Lion Falls
Sulphur Mountain
Shelf Road
Ojai Oak
Upper Lion Camp Pools
SKG17: Middle Lion Falls
SKG18: The Swimming Hole
SKG19: Piedras Blancas
SKG20: Ojai Orange Grove
Middle Lion Camp Pools
The Swimming Hole
Piedras Blancas
Ojai Orange Grove
SKG21: Santa Barbara Mission
SKG22: Off the Road
SKG23: Waiting
SKG24: Behind Your House
Santa Barbara Mission
Off the Road
Behind Your House
SKG25: Santa Rosa Island in Fog
SKG26 - Tall Oak
SKG27: Redwoods
SKG28: Oso Ranch at High Noon
Santa Rosa Island
Tall Oak
Oso Ranch
SKG29: Santa Rosa Beach
SKG30: Torrey Pines on Santa Rosa
SKG31: Santa Rosa Beach 2
SKG32: Shelf Road 2
Santa Rosa Beach
Torrey Pines
Santa Rosa Beach 2
Shelf Road 2
SKG33: Oso Road Bright
SKG34: Ojai Post Office
SKG35: Chief Peak Beyond the Oranges
SKG36: Intertwined (Lake Casitas)
Oso Road
Ojai Post Office
Chief Peak Beyond the Orange Trees
Intertwined (Lake Casitas)
SKG37: Highway 150 (Near Casitas)
SKG38: Pond of Desire
SKG39: The Farmer and the Cook Restaurant
SKG40: Ojai Mountain Road (Shelf Rd)
Highway 150 (Near Lake Casitas)
Pond of Desire
Farmer and the Cook
Shelf Road 3
SKG41: Shelf Road 4
SKG42: Beach Cafe
SKG43: Beach Pavillion
SKG44: Santa Barbara Canyon (Dry Canyon)
Shelf Road 4
Beach Cafe
Beach Pavilion
Santa Barbara Canyon
SKG45: Santa Barbara Beach (Ledbetter)

SKG46: Purple Mountains of Lake Casitas

SKG47: Barn and Chief Peak
SKG48: Twin Owls (Rocky Mountain National Park)
Santa Barbara Ledbetter Beach
Purple Mountains of Lake Casitas
Barn and Chief Peak
Twin Owls of Rocky Mountains
SKG49: Ojai Ranch
SKG50: Red Barn and Field
SKG51: Mountain Road
SKG53: California Summer
Ojai Ranch
Red Barn and Field
Mountain Road
California Summer
SKG54: Secluded Beach
SKG55: Pine Mountain
SKG56: (Santa Barbara) Sailing Beach
SKG57: CA (Santa Rosa) Island
Secluded Beach
Pine Mountain
Santa Barbara Sailing Beach
Santa Rosa Island
SKG58: Ventura Pier
SKG59: Bates/Rincon Beach
SKG60: Bates/Rincon Beach Summer
SKG61: Horn Creek Pool
Ventura Pier
Bates/Rincon Beach
Bates/Rincon Beach Summer
Horn Creek Pool
SKG62: Big Topas
SKG63: Electric Topas
SKG64: Riverbottom in Autumn
SKG65: Ocean Storm (Valley Anchorage, Santa Cruz Island)
Big Topas
Electric Topas
Riverbottom in Autumn
Ocean Storm, Santa Cruz Island
SKG66: Moonlight on the Meadow
SKG67: Picacho del Diablo, Santa Cruz Island
SKG68: Blue Banks, Santa Cruz Island
SKG69: Bosque Mano, Santa Cruz Island
Moonlight on the Meadow
Picacho del Diablo, Santa Cruz Island
Blue Banks, Santa Cruz Island
Bosque Mano, Santa Cruz Island
SKG70: Summerland Beach
SKG71: La Cascada, Santa Cruz Island
SKG72: (Ojai) California Farm

SKG73: Glorious View (Ojai)

Summerland Beach
La Cascada, Santa Cruz Island
California Farm
Glorious View
SKG74: Pele
SKG75: Pacific Ocean Sunset
SKG76: Heart of the Lake (Casitas)
SKG77: Hawaii
Pacific Ocean Sunset
Heart of the Lake
SKG78: Hawaii Beach
SKG79: Ledbetter Beach
SKG80: Swimming Hole 2 (Puako, Hawaii)
Hawaii Beach
Ledbetter Beach

More of Susan's artworks coming to this page very soon!